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The Best Kids Headphones of 2022

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Choosing the best headphones for your child is important because using the wrong ones can cause lifelong damage to their hearing.

Headphones are an integral part of today’s children’s lives, whether they’re a necessity for school trips, long car or plane trips, or as a home peace aid when you don’t want to talk about Bruno anymore.

Remember, even the best volume-limiting technology won’t protect hearing alone—and that’s just the beginning. It is your responsibility to talk to your children about safe listening and manage the time they spend listening to potentially damaging sounds.

BuddyPhones School+ Wireless Volume Limiting Educational Kids Headphones

BuddyPhones School+

BuddyPhones School+ Wireless keeps your child engaged during classes whilst keeping their hearing safe from harm. The detachable boom microphone, StudyMode and comfortable sweat wicking ear cushions are key to these educational focused headphones. Want to just enjoy some music or watch a video? Simply remove the microphone and you’re good to go.

BuddyPhones Explore+, Volume-Limiting Kids Headphones

BuddyPhones Explore+

BuddyPhones Explore+ wired headphones for kids are very versatile. Parents can rest assured knowing the always on volume limit is in place.Chatting online is a breeze with the inline microphone and built-in call button. Lightweight and foldable to around half the size, they’re ideal for taking on trips. These all-in-one headphones are great for online studying, gaming, travelling and everything in between.

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets Volume Limited On-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets Volume Limited

The Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets offer effective noise cancellation and volume limiting for safe long-term listening.Protecting young ears is our mission and for us, it’s personal. When our founder’s daughter was diagnosed with noise-induced hearing loss, he set out to create a solution that was stylish, safe and provided outstanding audio quality.

JLab JBuddies Studio Bluetooth On-Ear Kids Headphones

JLab JBuddies Studio

The JBuddies Studio Bluetooth have a 13-hour battery life and provide all-day comfort for school or home with JLab’s over-ear Cloud Foam cushions. The smooth-sliding metal adjustments, padded headband, and feather-light build give the perfect fit kids require for their growing ears. Built-in controls and microphone help kids go from wired to wireless quick and simple. No fuss necessary.

JLab JBuddies Learn On-Ear Kids Headphones

JLab JBuddies Learn

Whether online or in-person – kids are utilizing technology to learn every day. To study, connect and collaborate, JBuddies Learn are perfect for ages 6+. The retractable microphone is great for class chatting or store it away for independent activities.

Over-Ear headphones

Focal Stellia Premium Closed-back Headphones


Listen to any familiar piece of music through Focal Stellia headphones and you’ll hear things you never heard before — even if you’ve heard the song a gazillion times. Their electrodynamic speaker drivers include frameless, 100% copper voice coils, M-shaped pure beryllium domes, and more, enabling them to exhibit an astonishing 5Hz–40kHz frequency response. Beyond that, an ultra-low impedance of 35 ohms makes driving these headphones effortless — a little power will go a long way. And if their exquisite sound wasn’t enough reason to keep them on your head, the Stellia’s absurd level of comfort will seal the deal. Complete with an elegant full-grain leather finish, Stellia headphones are guaranteed to give you one of the best — if not the best — listening experiences of your life.

The best luxury headphones

40mm M-profile dome drivers with copper voice coils

Focal Stellia headphones are equipped with 40mm, M-shaped pure beryllium-dome drivers. Beyond that, frameless, 100% copper voice coils optimize the control of the surround, dome, and voice coil through the magnet.

Designed for hours of comfortable listening

The Stellia headphones are rated for hours of comfort. Sweetwater reviewers can attest to this. The lightweight frame and drivers, paired with the face-conforming full-grain leather headband and memory foam ear cushions, are comfortable to the point of being invisible.

Over-Ear headphones

JBL TUNE 750BTNC Wireless


The JBL Tune 750BTNC wouldn’t look out of place alongside Apple-owned Beats headphones. Pick them up and their plastic exterior feels solid and safe; while some plastic headphones can feel cheap and flimsy, the JBL Tune 750BTNC are comfortably sturdy in your hands. They’re not super light, but when they’re on your head, you won’t feel like they’re dragging you down by any means. Comfortable fabric ear cups further ensure that you won’t feel restricted during long listening sessions.

Over-Ear and On-Ear Headphones

The JBL Tune 750BTNC are punchy and quite thrilling to listen to. Stick on something that needs to be played loud like The Cardigans’ My Favourite Game and you feel caught up in the moment, with just the right level of thump to the bass without it clouding the other details in the song.

The active noise cancelation means you can feel suitably ensconced within the sanctuary of these cans, ensuring you don’t miss a precious moment of your favorite songs. They sound suitably pleasant and with a warm presentation.

Over-Ear headphones

Beyerdynamic 710490 DT 1990 PRO

Beyerdynamic 710490 DT 1990 PRO

With an open-back design plus Beyerdynamic’s innovative Tesla drivers, the DT 1990 Pro headphones are ideal for listening, mixing, and even mastering. Engineers at Sweetwater know that every component of your headphones makes a sonic impact, and that’s why we’re pleased to see the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro headphones come with two sets of earpads with different sonic characteristics (analytical and balanced).

Over-Ear headphones

Two cables (coiled and straight) and a premium hard case are also included. Beyerdynamic headphones are known worldwide for delivering outstanding sound quality and professional reliability. For reference-quality sound in a pair of rugged headphones, it’s hard to beat the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro open-back studio headphones.

Over-Ear headphones

Sony WH-CH510

Sony WH-CH510

Testing the Sony WH-CH510, we were amazed that wireless on-ear headphones could cost this little while delivering really decent sound, a USB-C port, and 35 hours of battery life. If you’re looking for headphones at this price point, you’re likely already willing to make a few sacrifices. Thankfully, most of the compromises Sony has made with the WH-CH510 haven’t been too crucial – the lack of analog input mirrors, the loss of the 3.5mm port on most modern smartphones – and while the construction is a little plasticky they’re lightweight, portable and comfortable.

Bluetooth Headphones

While they won’t have the superb clarity, balance, and sense of space that their WH-1000XM4 siblings deliver, the sound these on-ear headphones produce is much better than you’d expect from their size and price. You’ll find most genres perform well here, although tracks that already have low mids and bumped treble might get uncomfortably exaggerated.


Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Earbud Headphones

This is Bose’s second attempt at a set of true wireless headphones, and the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are leaps and bounds better than the older SoundSport Free. The design of these earbuds much improved and the noise cancellation is also exemplary. There are ten levels of ANC on offer here. At maximum, you’re practically cut off from the rest of the world, encased in a cocoon of sound that’s made entirely of your favourite tunes. You’ll only be able to hear some of the highest frequency sounds such as sirens, and even they’re muted to a large degree.

Bose QuietComfort

The Bose headphones aren’t quite as bassy as Sony’s rivals, but we enjoyed their superb clarity and consistently impressive sound quality. During our testing, we found these noise-cancelling earbuds incredibly comfortable and well balanced, too, and while we expected their bulky form factor to be an issue they’re much more comfortable than they look.

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