2 Pack of SIMOLIO Wireless Bluetooth Kids Headphone with Hard Case,Wireless Kids Safe Headphone Volume Limited

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  • Children Wireless Bluetooth Headsets with Flexible Headbands & Noise Isolation — Adjustable headband with memory stainless steel strips give the headphones some impressive durability and flexibility. What’s more, the extra detachable Nylon fastening straps can be added to the headbands to get the perfect fit for the toddlers. Over-ear headphone isolates from outside noise to make you hear clear sound. And we use some nifty engineering to make sure the ear pads won’t fall off.
  • ✔Foldable Bluetooth Headphone for Kids, Easy to Carry w/ EVA Case,Perfect for Kids Travel and Back to School — Folding & Compact design,convenient in carrying and storage.Kids can easily fold them up and put them into the portable case. When you take your kids on a trip by car/train/plane, this headphone would be a good companion.15 hrs battery life. USB charging cable is included to charge convenient from iPad/Tablets etc.
  • ✔Wired Headphones with Universal Compatibility, Great Backup When the Battery is Dead, Never Miss Your Music — With the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, ideal for using with all the audio devices with 3.5mm aux, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones, Tablets and more. Also, the included 3.5mm audio cable can be used when the built-in battery is run out under wireless working status, so that you can still listen to music the old fashioned way.
  • Kids Bluetooth Headphones with 3 Switchable Volume Limited Levels for Hearing Protection — Adopt exclusive 3-level switchable volume limiter(75dB/85dB/94dB) to protect vulnerable and sensitive ears of kids while give parents a piece of mind, not having to constantly monitor the volume. It effectively protects your little ones from progressive hearing loss in different environments. (75dB/85dB in quiet places or 94dB in noisy surroundings). 2 superior speakers provide crystal clear sound.
  • ✔Built-in MIC Wireless Headphones for Children with Additional Sharing Jacks & Multi-function — kids can have another headphone plug into the sharing jack on the right side of the headphone to share audio with his friends at school/home, travelling or flying. The built-in MIC allows hands-free talking, lets you pick up calls and skip between tracks in the playlist without missing a beat. For Calls: Short press MFB to answer/hang up. For Music: Press MFB to pause/play.

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Simolio has been focusing on the research and application of hearing technology in audio products, esp in hearing protection and TV hearing assistance products, to help people protect their hearing as well as get more enjoyable listening experiences.

As a professional supplier in the field of wireless TV hearing assistance products, our products have won good reputation for helping thousands of people with hearing impairment in US market. Welcome to visit Simolio Direct storefront for researching other products.

In the meantime, we found that many people, especially children are used to listen to loud sounds without volume limited from various normal headphones which usually make the ears being hurt unconsciously, even some expensive adult headphones which have complex sound technology and no limit to volume that can also cause children’s hearing loss for long time loudly listening.

Therefore, in addition to providing audio products for the seniors or people with hearing loss to help them clearly listen to TV programs/music, we are paying more attention to the healthy growth of children. We have been developing the Simolio Kid’s Hearing Protection Headphones series, hoping to protect every children from progressive hearing loss and let moms feel at ease. We hope that our products will make your family happy and care for your children.

The SIMOLIO Kids Bluetooth Headphones feature the innovative characters for a pure and natural listening experience as follows:

  • Caring for kids hearing with 3 levels of volume limiting – 75dB for toddlers, 85dB for kids, 94dB for adults. This feature is effective both in wired and wireless use.
  • The over-ear design plays the role of passive noise reduction, which blocks the outside noise and greatly improves the listening efficiency. Make your children focus on learning and listening.
  • Advanced chip is adopted, promise you to get the superior sound quality and clear calls. With high SNR (signal to noise ratio) and 40mm NdFeB driver give you a crystal clear sound.
  • Anti-violence children’s headphones, tough and durable to withstand the demands of restless hands. Using some nifty engineering to make sure the ear pads won’t fall off.
  • Compact and fold up very small. Easy to storage in the cute EVA case(included), perfect partner for travelling or backing to school.

Kids Headphone with 3 Levels Volume Limiting

3 – Level Volume Limiter Switch, max volume limited: 75dB safe for toddlers, 85dB safe for kids and 94dB safe for adults, and you can adjust the volume control as per your surroundings.

The volume of the children’s headphones should be limited within 85 decibels in a normal environment, which is the recommended child safety volume standard for good physical and mental development by the World Health Organization & American Academy of Otolaryngology.

Flexible & Durable

The headband with memory stainless steel strips gives the headphones some impressive durability and flexibility. It can withstand the kids’ restless hands, no need to worry about being broken easily from pulling or bending. The ear pads won’t fall off easily by using some nifty engineering.

Adjustable headband and extra detachable nylon fastening straps

Lightweight, free to adjust, can fit children of different ages with extra detachable Nylon fastening straps.

Compact & Foldable

Each headphone comes in cute EVA carrying case, making it a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays and more!

Multi-function Kids Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Two listening modes: Wireless & Wired

Switchable between wireless and wired mode with detachable aux cable, never miss any sound.

Hands-free calling

Play, pause, answer, and end calls with a press of multi-function button, the built-in microphone provides hands-free phone call.

Built-in sharing jack – Make kids learn to share

Designed with 3.5mm AUX sharing jack on the right side of the headphone allows another headphones to connect with, kids can share their favorite music or movies with their friends or families at school or home, on travelling or flying.

Wide Compatibility, Kids Learning and Travelling Partner

Compatible with all devices that enabled a Bluetooth feature or 3.5mm stereo output, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, Kindle Fire, laptop etc. No matter you are in train or subway or on plane, this headphone will add a lot of joy and fun. Perfect for children to use at school for computer lab or do some online coursework.

  1Pack of Bluetooth Wireless Kids Headphones with Hearing Protection JH-711 2 Pack of Bluetooth Wireless Kids Headphones with Hearing Protection JH-711 1Pack of Bluetooth Wireless Kids Headphones with Hearing Protection JH-712 2 Pack of Bluetooth Wireless Kids Headphones with Hearing Protection JH-712 1 Pack of Kids Bluetooth Headphones with Hearing Protection JH-714 2 Pack of Kids Headphones with Volume limited and In-line audio control SM-902
Bluetooth / Wired Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Wired
Color Pink Mint + Grey Grey Pink + Mint Pink & Mint Pink + Mint
Headphone Fits Over-ear Over-ear Over-ear On-ear Over-ear On-ear
Volume Limited
Sharing Port
Working Time about 20 hours about 20 hours about 20 hours about 20 hours about 20 hours Not Limited
Built-in Microphone With In-line Mic and Audio Control With In-line Mic and Audio Control With In-line Mic and Audio Control
Detachable AUX Cable X
For Kids & Adults
Additional Features Foldable & Hard Carrying Case Foldable & Hard Carrying Case Foldable & Hard Carrying Case Foldable & Hard Carrying Case Foldable & Carrying Pouch Foldable & Carrying Pouch
SIMOLIO Wireless Bluetooth Kids Headphonethe best gift to show your care and love to your kids

41 reviews for 2 Pack of SIMOLIO Wireless Bluetooth Kids Headphone with Hard Case,Wireless Kids Safe Headphone Volume Limited

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