ShuQiaoSi Bluetooth Headphone Cat Ear for School with LED Light, Foldable Kids Headphones

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  • [Super cute cat ear earphone] Cat ear design flashing light earphone-this earphone adopts the popular cat ear design,which combines cuteness and fashion elements into one,Both the cat ears and the earmuffs of the headset are equipped with LED lights,the cat-ear with Red/Blue/Green LED embedded can blink and changes color with the rhythm which have a unique light-emitting function,can let you take a step away from your usual self and let every other knows how great you are feeling.
  • [Bluetooth V5.0] Bluetooth V5.0 can be connected to smart phones and tablets,such as iPhone,Samsung, Android phones,computers, etc.For devices without Bluetooth function,you can also use a 3.5mm interface cable to connect (in the package).With the help of Bluetooth V5. 0,it really makes the music sing a lot of bottom,crisp,silky treble and very good midrange,Once you done the matching,you can save the hassle for matching again.Just power on the headphone and it will connect to your device.
  • [Simplified control built-in microphone] You can easily use the control buttons. All control buttons are located on the side: power on/off, LED light on/off, previous song/volume+ and next song/volume. At the same time, there is also a TF card slot, which supports another way of playing music. A 3.5 mm Aux line input port for connecting to non-Bluetooth devices.
  • [Easy to carry] It can be folded up,it is convenient to travel and carry the headset anywhere!The cat ear headphones are made of PVC and ABS shell,which is very comfortable to use.The silicone headband will not exert uncomfortable pressure on the top of the head, allowing long-term use and reducing any discomfort.The headband can be adjusted to fit different sizes of heads.It is very suitable for online courses or air travel,streaming,games,Party,children’s festivals,Christmas,Halloween etc.
  • [Perfect after-sales service] (including 1 x cat ear headset / 1 x Charging Cable/ 1 x 3.5mm audio cable / 1 x user manual); if you are not satisfied with our products or services for any reason, please let us know! We will try our best to solve your problem.

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HEAD-mounted high-quQlity bluetooth headset

Adopt Bluetooth v5.0, lower consumption, longer life High quality PU cotton, soft to the skin

Bluetooth Version : V5.0 Support Profile : AVRCP1.3, A2DP1.0, HFP1.5, HSP1.0

Bluetooth connection: Long press the “Power” button to switch the Bluetooth mode.

Easy to carry、It can be folded up, it is convenient to travel and carry the headset anywhere!

This colorful LED light children’sheadset also includes a 3.5 mm audio cable, which allows you to play on non-Bluetooth devices and listen even when the battery is exhausted. Suitable for smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices.

Long use time

50 hours of use time,give you a longer audio-visual engoyment

Working Distance Range : 10m

Frequency Range : 2.402GHz-2.480GHz

Battery Specifications : 3.7V, 470mAh,

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery Charging Voltage : DC4.2 – 5.5V

Bluetooth range: 10 meters

Battery capacity: 600 mA

Input voltage: DC 5 V

Working voltage: 3.7V

Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHz

Standby time: 200 hours

Note: If it is not applicable for a long time, please make sure to charge it once a month to protect the battery and extend the battery life. (Do not use while charging)

If you are not satisfied with our products or services for any reason, please let us know! We will try our best to solve your problem.

MicroSD/TF card slot:

Take your audio to go! No device to connect to? No problem! Use the integrated memory card slot to use as a standalone playback device (TF card is not included in the standard package). A perfect solution for parental control – “Be Careful Little Ears what you Hear.”


If you’re out of battery, the 3.5mm audio cable can get you going on music for uninterrupted listening.

Package include:

1 x headphone 1 x USB line 1 x 3.5mm audio cable with mic 1 x User manual

HEAD-mounted high-quQlity

1.With softly padded headband ensuring lasting comfort.

2.The headband of the headphone can be freely adjusted in length, suitable for children of any age and any head size. Adjust the size of the headband appropriately to obtain the most comfortable wearing experience.

3.Cat ears The earmuffs are equipped with LED lights, which have a unique light-emitting function.

4.Foldable headphones for children women will make them easier to pack, ideal for traveling and school.

ShuQiaoSigive your child a gift for growth

24 reviews for ShuQiaoSi Bluetooth Headphone Cat Ear for School with LED Light, Foldable Kids Headphones

  1. Lallie Calk

    These headphones are amazing and super cute. They were easy to Bluetooth and volume is adjustable. Awesome gift for kiddos.

  2. Joe Sutsko

    Great sound quality with optimum comfort. Best available at an incredible price. Do not hesitate for a moment. You will not be disappointed.

  3. David

    This unit will suffice for the purpose – playing corny spooky music next to a Halloween display or listening to the broadcast of a sports car race at the track when back at the campsite. I would not use it for music at a party or to actually enjoy good sound quality. But, it works. Don’t use a scratched CD, it does not resolve the scratches well, but a new CD played just fine as did a slightly used one in good condition. If you want better sound with a little bit of bass, you’ll need to spend the money, like $100 or more. Barely worth the $50, but I got it for the purposes noted and because it would also accept a thumb drive, so I’ll keep it.

  4. Conan

    I didn’t buy the company, but I did buy a 2nd Topping EX5 for my main stereo. I decided to go the balanced connector route for all my components in the living room stereo. This time I got a black one.So far so great using the EX5 with the Apogee Acoustics Stages. Living the good life for sure! Great DAC. A bargain even if you aren’t using it to power headphones.PS: Someone from Japan passed on some misinformation about the EX5’s balanced IO (XLR) not really being balanced. As anyone can clearly see in picture #2, those are balanced XLR cables which go to the balanced input of the power amp. If there’s an electrical engineer with schematics that is willing to discuss the matter, please alert me. For now, I’ll go with the empirical results in my living room.[Original Review with Silver EX5]I listened to several songs encoded at 192khz@24bit. Indeed there is more to be had from digital music than CDs. Really stunning in terms of quiet background and extended high frequencies.I’ve seen a few disparaging remarks about the Topping EX5. I don’t have an FFT analyzer or even an oscillioscope at this point in my life. However I am somewhat of a jazz musician and my ears have miraculously survived somehow.Using a Hifiman Sundara phones with New Fantasia balanced cables. Highly recommended all! Unless you can afford anything you want.

  5. Blake Rhodes

    13 mm driver. Great bass. Call quality is good. Haven’t had latency issues yet. Only had these for 2 weeks, will give it time. For the price, they are on par with $100 earbuds.

  6. teggrr

    I use it to answer phone calls with blue tooth works great

  7. L. Jordan

    The are comfortable, sound good, only with I could connect to more than one device at a time.

  8. Conic Ellipse

    I have bought several (and I mean SEVERAL) bluetooth headsets over the last two years trying to find something that I really like.At the office, I was working on a training class where I had to wear a set of VERY old bluetooth headsets. After a few hours, my ears were hurting. We also had some very loud renovations started at my office. I decided to treat myself to some ‘higher quality’ bluetooth headphones. After much research, I chose these.I am not disappointed at all. In fact, I am ecstatic with my purchase. These things are so comfortable. The Active Noise Canceling is amazing for the price! I have two VERY loud fans running in my office. With just the ANC turned on and no music playing, the fan noise is about 95% GONE. With music playing at a very low volume, I cannot hear the fans AT ALL.Most of the very loud construction noise is gone too. I have to lift one of the muffs off my ear to see if the workers are still present.These use bluetooth 5.0 and can pair with more than one device. I paired them to my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and listened to some music. AMAZING sound!I then paired them to my Windows 10 Pro computer and listened to some music. It sounded so flat. I was very disappointed but realized it’s not the fault of the headphones, but the computer.I refuse to pay Microsoft for the Dolby plug-ins and the sound card that is in this workstation computer has no equalization whatsoever.I set out to find a FREE, good quality equalizer. I found a free open-source equalizer called Equalizer APO 1.21 and also downloaded the free, “Peter’s Equalizer APO Configuration Extension (Peace)” to manage it. These headphones now sound absolutely amazing plugged into my Windows 10 Pro work PC!The real test on if a product is good is if the customer would purchase them all over again. The answer for me is YES. I am going to buy a second set for the house. (I registered for the 24 month warranty at Cowins website. They are supposed to send me a coupon for 20% off my next order. When that comes in, I’m buying my second pair!) I intend to buy them even without the coupon though as the email with the coupon link goes to a site that says ‘link invalid’.I gave these 4 stars instead of 5 because the controls are few, but a bit complicated (especially when I want to connect to my computer, but wind up connecting to my phone because the bluetooth is on for something else.) Also, this uses a USB 2.0 A type connector to micro-SD connector for charging. I would expect USB C on both ends, in this day and age.The bass is super powerful (but sounds great) on these. I’m not big on base. The equalizer I installed on the Windows computer allows me to turn it down and adjust all of the other frequencies I like. The important thing is that these Cowin E9 headphones can produce these frequencies with no problem whatsoever. You won’t be disappointed with these!

  9. Amazon Customer

  10. Ricardo Valenzuela

  11. Gregg Hays

  12. I. Hodge

  13. Chrissy

  14. Jeff W. Lee

  15. Sarah Dutton

  16. Dre

  17. candacekinghorn

  18. Eiman_su

  19. mterry5932

  20. Ochko

    Very good shopping experience. Compared with many other stores, I finally chose this one. I really feel at ease!

  21. diana

    Is this store OK. I have bought it several times. The service to the old customers is very considerate. I will come here often in the future!

  22. Amanda G. Lyons

    I sincerely thank you for letting me buy the baby I’ve always wanted. Thank you very much!

  23. Mama9

    The item has been received and I am very satisfied!! It is really a super good seller, and the answer to any questions is not good.

  24. Cathy Duesterhoeft

    The seller’s service is really thoughtful. I will bring my colleagues with me in the future.

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