Custom Airpod Pro Case Cute,for Apple Airpods Case Leather,DIY Name Funny Headphone Cases for Women and Man

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  • Good quality: the first layer is made of cowhide, which can be used for a long time. The more it is used, the brighter it is. The wooden box is firm, which can protect the earphone well. It is handmade.
  • Gift choice: As a product made with care, it is a very good gift, suitable for holiday gifts, Christmas gifts, and unisex. Whether it is given to relatives or friends, or for personal use, it will become the focus and attract attention.
  • Interesting invention: Three-dimensional and personalized eyes, many styles can be customized, DIY mist wax skin can be used, painting can be done on them with nails, and the whole airpods case looks very different with solid wood boxes.
  • After-sales guarantee: provide you with 365 days after-sales service. You can contact us at any time if you encounter any problems during use, and reply effectively within 24 hours.
  • Customization: It provides you with five colors of skins, ten kinds of eye patterns, which can be freely chosen from left to right, and two colors of wooden boxes. Hanging rings and hooks are selected to write greeting cards on behalf of you, so that you can use your imagination and combine freely to make a unique protective cover.

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This is a very creative product, which is completely designed by yourself and customized to your favorite appearance. There are ten kinds of eyes to choose from, and you can design different eyes on the left and right, or the same on the left and right. Of course, it should be matched according to what you like. There are five choices for leather and two colors for wooden box, At the same time, you can also decide to install hanging rings to facilitate matching hooks. There are more than a variety of combinations. Here you can play freely and carefully make a very special airport case for yourself or your family and friends
Material: the box is made of solid wood, which is sturdy and durable. The leather is genuine leather. The nails can be painted on it at will. After use, the color will change slowly, from shallow to deep. The components on the surface of the fog wax will penetrate into the leather and become brighter and brighter. You don’t need any maintenance, as long as you use it normally.
Daily maintenance: do not expose to the sun, soak in water, contact corrosive objects, fall heavily, and press hard. In this way, your box will last longer
Note: Since the whole process is made by hand, there will inevitably be some scratches, and we will try to avoid them.

3 reviews for Custom Airpod Pro Case Cute,for Apple Airpods Case Leather,DIY Name Funny Headphone Cases for Women and Man

  1. Kathy Henson

    Oh, the goods are really good. My wife likes them very much!

  2. Bam

    Very unexpected, I will come again next time ~ good seller, continue to pay attention!

  3. Shaunbriel J.

    The delivery speed is very fast, the things are very good! !

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