My Little Pony Kids Safe Over The Ear Headphones HP2-03057| Kids Headphones, Volume Limiter for Developing Ears, 3.5MM Stereo Jack, Recommended for Ages 3-9, by Sakar

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  • STYLISH & COMFORTABLE: If your current kids earbuds are bothering them, try our comfortable headphones kids can trust not to interrupt their listening experience. The wired headphones over ear users prefer as both classroom headphones and PC headphones, My Little Pony girls headphones make the perfect gift for any tech-savvy child. And with our volume limiter and wired headset design, our phone and radio headphones offer fantastic ear protection headphones for kids with developing hearing.
  • HIGH QUALITY SOUND: Our My Little Pony over the ear headphones give you easily controllable high quality sound, making them the perfect kids headphones girls will love to show off! And with a 3.5MM stereo jack, you never have to worry about your headphones for iPhone or Android losing connection, unlike other kids bluetooth headphones. Crystal clear sound for movies and music, our comfortable head phones are the ideal headphones over ear listeners use for long car rides or plane trips!
  • VOLUME LIMITER: If you’re scared of your over ear headphones wired damaging your child’s ears, worry no longer!  Our My Little Pony headphones for girls and boys are equipped with volume limiters, making them the perfect alternative to other earbuds for kids. The kids headphones boys and girls will love, our colorful pink headphones make jamming out easy, and give your child great bass headphones with full sound. Just plug into the headphone jack and enjoy your on ear headphones!
  • FUN KIDS HEADPHONES: The eye-popping headphones for kids that deliver high quality sound without sacrificing comfort or fun, My Little Pony Dolls wired headphones make the perfect over ear headphones for any child’s developing ears! The ultimate kid headphones for any My Little Pony lover, these headphones for girls work great with any kids laptop, kids phone, or kids computer, making them perfect for every occasion. Our child and toddler headphones give you great sound anywhere!

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Do normal headphones and Earphones cause your child discomfort? Now they can rock out to all their favorite music with Batman kid-safe headphones. these kids headphones feature unique volume limiting technology that works great for preventing your kids from listening to music at levels that could potentially damage their hearing. Comfort is a top priority with these headphones, as their cushioned adjustable head strap and soft ear cups ensure these over the ear kids headphones can fit any size for your children and keep their ears comfortable, safe, and protected. Compatible with any portable audio devices via a 3.5mm audio jack, these headphones feature a fun and vibrant design with your favorite Batman Dolls and stylish bow on top, so you can strut your stuff and sing along to all your favorite music all day long! Whether you need comfortable kids headphones for a child of any size or great quality wired headphones for listening music listening and movie watching, our boys and girls headphones have you covered!

differentearphone Batman

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Power-packed Headphones


Listen to the booming sound of your favorite jams with these Batman headphones kids. Featuring the iconic Batman Logo and fully adjustable headband to offer comfort and style.

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Pow- Tastic

Pow- Tastic

Jam out with the Batman Kids Safe headphones. Connect it to your iPhone or MP3 player and you’re all set for an immersive listening experience. Detailed graphics of the iconic Batman logo is featured on each ear piece to accompany you on the musical journey. The fully adjustable headband stays in place, so you can focus on the tunes! Soft, cushioned earpads rest gently over your ears, providing superior ambient noise isolation and comfort throughout your day. And the built-in volume limiter ensures your ears are protected from excess volume.

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Caped Hero!

Caped Hero!

-Soft cushioned ear pieces for superior comfort and fully adjustable headband

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8 reviews for My Little Pony Kids Safe Over The Ear Headphones HP2-03057| Kids Headphones, Volume Limiter for Developing Ears, 3.5MM Stereo Jack, Recommended for Ages 3-9, by Sakar

  1. Lisa Mate

    My son is 9 and they are too small for his head – he was extremely disappointed

  2. Reviewer

    Once you remove the package they really resemble 101 Dalmatian headphones more – but they are cute – maybe it’s just me. They have a padded fit and can be adjusted to fit adult sized heads as well as little lid heads. The all important volume limitations are there but sound quality is still very good. Nice. Not rugged.

  3. Tyesha

    My son loves these

  4. Meli

    Works great for my daughter just find out it also has a mic in the cord

  5. Amazon Customer

    My son loves these and they are not bulky like the previous ones we had.The sound is fine and if you want to increase the volume you just have to click the “ok” pop up on your device.

  6. S. REED

    I didn’t buy my son’s from Amazon but I bought thus from FIVE and BELOW for 5$ that’s about all these headphones are worth

  7. Amazon Customer

    Love them! They came on time and my grandson loved them!

  8. svdaniells

    I think the volume is perfect for my 3 year old. I was hesitant to order this based on some of the reviews. I am going to go over some of the common complaints below and give my review based on the previous negative reviewsvolume not very loud: I have a 3 year old son and the volume is perfect for him. Myself and my son are able to listen to it without it even being on the highest volume level. I can turn the volume midway and can hear it just fine. AS ADVERTISED these are kid safe headphones so don’t expect them to be as loud as adult . The volume is completely sufficient and safe for little ears.muffled sound quality: Again I have tried these myself and the clarity is just fine. These don’t have the clarity like expensive adult head phones but they definitely don’t have a muffled sound as some previous reviews stated. You can hear very clearly.Too bulk for kids ears: my son has used these while riding in the car in his car seat and had no problems doing so. They were not too bulky for him to sit comfortably in his seat with them on. He is 3 years old and they fit his ears perfectly. I could see them being too bulky for a child that is maybe one, but then again I would not buy something like this for my one year old. My child is 3 and has a pretty large head circumference and they fit him just fine.Too small for my child head: I would say that these might be too small for a child that is 7 or older. so I wouldn’t recommend them for your older children unless they have a smaller head circumference. I would say safe bet would be 6 and under for these. Again, my child is 3 and has a pretty large head circumference and they fit him just fine.Headphone stopped working shortly after getting them: I cannot give and accurate review on this common negative review at this time as my son has only had them for a few day. We will see. I will update review as appropriate.Overall I give this 4 stars. I didn’t give it 5 stars as I cannot accurately review the longevity of the item since my son has only had them a few days. I would say I am happy with the purchase. My son LOVES them and I would recommend this item. The price is awesome for the product even with out knowing how long these will remain working.

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