Philips ONeill SHO9560/28 Over-Ear Headphones – Black Bordeaux (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


  • Deluxe noise isolating super soft ear cushions and self-adjusting neoprene headband for extra comfort
  • Tough tangle-free cable separates from the headphones when sudden force is applied to prevent breakage
  • Dynamic 40 mm drivers that deliver a deep/dynamic bass
  • Super stretch headband for enhanced durability,Cable length: 1.2 m
  • Connectivity technology : Wired
  • Philips O’Neill The Stretch – Flexible and Tough – Over Ear Headphones SHO9560/28 (Black)

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Dynamic 40 mm drivers deliver deep dynamic bass for powerful sound; super stretch headband provides enhanced durability & cable stress relief to prevent breakage; includes tough tangle-free cable & reinforced connectors; features sound-isolating super-soft ear cushions for supreme comfort ; auto-fit cushioned headband provides high-definition sound

Whether you’re launching your snowboard off a cliff or scratching vinyl in a club, Philips O’Neill The Stretch Over-Ear headphones deliver the perfect combination of premium sound quality, unmatched durability, and urban style. The Stretch is a high-performance over-ear headphone with a wetsuit-inspired super-stretch headband for maximum durability and a flawless fit. A no-nonsense, tangle-free cable keeps life simple, while powerful, 40-millimeter drivers and super-soft, noise-isolating ear cushions deliver a premium audio experience.

Philips O’Neill SHO9560/28 The Stretch Over-Ear Headphones (Black Bordeaux)

  • Dynamic 40-millimeter drivers deliver premium sound quality
  • Tangle-free fabric cable, cable stress relief, and reinforced aluminum connectors for strength
  • Durable, temperature-resistant TR55LX construction for active lifestyles
  • Flexible outer headband; auto-fit inner headband with comfy and stretchy neoprene padding
  • Deluxe, noise-isolating, super-soft ear cushions
  • One-year limited warranty

Crisp, Clear Sound and Cool Design

The Stretch delivers powerful sound performance from 40-millimeter drivers to produce crisp highs, solid mids, and deep, chest-thumping bass without distortion. The sleek Black Bordeaux design ups the cool factor, and the deluxe, super-soft ear cushions’ improved sound leakage reduction means you’re the only one who can hear and feel your music–not your neighbors.

Tangle-Free, Stress-Relief Cable and Reinforced Connectors

These Headphones are tough enough to go wherever you do–take them on the mountain, the bike, the skateboard, the plane, the subway, or hook them up to your computer. Unlike headphones with plastic cables, The Stretch is constructed with a flexible, tangle-free fabric cable that moves with you, keeping you totally immersed in the music. Strong aluminum connectors reinforce the audio jack, and cable stress relief means that if the cable gets caught, it will disconnect without pulling on your headphones or listening device–a great feature for active users.

The Most Durable Material for the Toughest Headphones

Featured on The Stretch, TR55LX is a durable, temperature-resistant material that’s perfect for the lifestyle of any action-sports enthusiast. If you’re in a situation where you’re freezing, melting, or breaking, don’t worry about your headphones, because chances are they’re just fine.

TR55LX is an impact-resistant, stress-crack resistant material that retains its flexibility and strength–even at extreme temperatures. This incredibly tough material has a surface hardness that is six times the hardness of polycarbonate, the material most commonly used in heavy-duty headphones. Unlike polycarbonate, which can become brittle at subzero temperatures, TR55LX always remains flexible, whether it’s -10 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. And unlike other headphone materials that decrease in strength after prolonged storage in high temperatures, TR55LX can handle the hottest place on the planet for months on end without being affected.

Soft Ear Cushions and Flexible Headband for Optimal Fit

Unlike too-tight headphones that can cause headaches, The Stretch features two headbands for maximum comfort. A translucent, super-flexible outer headband provides durability, while the auto-fit cushioned inner headband–made from comfy neoprene padding–stretches to fit your head. And designed after extensive research, the deluxe, super-soft, noise-isolating ear cushions provide exceptional padding for hours of comfort, and they block out external noise, so you can focus on the music.

About Philips O’Neill Headphones

O’Neill and Philips have joined forces to launch a co-branded, premium line of headphones delivering long-lasting durability and comfort. Sharing a tradition of enhancing the lives of active people through the introduction of innovative and meaningful products, O’Neill and Philips have come together to create a line of high-performance headphones specifically designed to withstand the brutal demands that accompany every active lifestyle.

What’s in the Box

Philips O’Neill SHO9560/28 The Stretch Over-Ear Headphones (Black Bordeaux).

  • Black Bordeaux
  • Powder White

  • Noise-isolating, super-soft ear cushions
  • Auto-fit cushioned headband
  • Stretchy neoprene padding

  • Flexible, stress-crack-resistant, temperature-resistant material
  • Flexible super-stretch headband
  • Cable stress relief
  • Tangle-free fabric cable and reinforced connectors


40-millimeter drivers

  • White Black Check
  • Black Ice
  • Purple Plaid
  • Rebel Red

  • Noise-isolating, super-soft ear cushions
  • Adjustable, padded headband
  • Folds flat for easy storage and portability

  • Cable stress relief
  • Tangle-free fabric cable and reiforced connectors


40-millimeter drivers

  • Bold Black
  • Ultra Fuchsia
  • Royal Blue
  • White Out
  • Royal Purple
  • Orange


Three sizes of ear sleeves


Tangle-free fabric cable and reinforced connectors

  • 9-millimeter drivers
  • Noise-isolating soft ear sleeves


Code Green


Noise-isolating soft ear caps


Tangle-free fabric cable and reinforced connectors

  • 13-millimeter drivers
  • Mic, volume, and track control for iPhone/iPod/iPad

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    I just received it this morning. I really like it. Will you give me a discount when I introduce my friend next time?

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