RP Accessories IR-698B Infrared Wireless Headphones, 2-Channel Folding Universal Rear Entertainment System IR Headphone for Car TV and DVD Player Audio


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  • EASY LISTENING: Our user-friendly over-the-ear Wireless headphones are easy to use and compatible with most in-car infrared transmitters. These headphones connect quickly and offer a seamless, stable connection to your car’s TV/DVD rear entertainment systems for high-quality wireless audio playback.
  • SOUND QUALITY: Compared to other types of wireless headphones, IR headphones have a lower risk of interference. This means that you may have a better sound experience than you would with many other types of headsets. Infrared headphones are capable of producing excellent sound that may be comparable to that produced by high-quality wired headsets.
  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: These easy-to-use wireless headphones for TV/DVD rear entertainment systems will make long road trips enjoyable and fun for the whole family. Your kids will enjoy putting them on for some quiet backseat entertainment while Mom and Dad enjoy a peaceful ride in the front.
  • 2-CHANNEL IR WIRELESS: These dual-channel wireless headphones are the solution you’ve been looking for when you have 2 monitors in your video system. One passenger can use a set of headphones to enjoy a movie on the first monitor while the second passenger tunes to the other frequency to take in a different program on the second monitor. No more fights over what to watch!
  • INTENDED USES: While our wireless headphones are perfect for use in your vehicle while on the road, they are also a great way to watch TV while at home. All you need is an IR transmitter (not included with the purchase of these headphones), and you can enjoy late-night TV at home without waking your loved ones.

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Car headphones have become one of the most common, must-have audio accessories. For parents and families on long car trips, they are an essential ingredient in ensuring a happy, peaceful car ride. Infrared wireless headphones will make travel more fun for the whole family by letting everyone enjoy your car entertainment system. These wireless, over-the-ear headphones are so user friendly that even your youngsters can operate them. Our headphones offer a quick, stable, high-quality connection to your TV/DVD player. They feature dual-channel sound, which enables you to watch different movies on different monitors or switch between the best sounding channels for your system. The convenient automatic shutoff will ensure that your headphones aren’t wasting battery power and will prevent drained batteries. When not in use, these IR headphones fold up for compact, convenient storage.

Although perfect for long car trips and family vacations, these headphones are not just for use in the car. They can also be used at home with an IR transmitter to allow you to watch noise-free television. This transmitter must be purchased separately; it is not included with your headphone purchase. These headphones come with a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary jack and cable, so they can be used as ordinary wired headphones for connection to your smartphone, video game systems, or any device with a 3.5-millimeter jack.

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